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About Us

Inter-Co Restroom & Locker Supply, Inc. specializes in the supply and installation of toilet partitions, lockers, washroom accessories and other Division 10 specialty products.

Inter-Co has been in business for over 40 years and has completed thousands of successful projects, including schools, hospitals, office towers, stadiums, restaurants, retirement homes and various other types of buildings.

Here is what we believe in and why it matters to you:

  • Teamwork: We are people who value teamwork. We strive to carry forward this value to our customers. Gone are the days of fighting with our customers under the "that's just the construction industry" adage. We want to work with you, not against you.
  • Ability. We are educated, experienced and intelligent. This is our foundation for developing expertise in the products and services we offer. We have the ability to understand your business, your project requirements and we can offer you creative and custom solutions rather than something "off the shelf". We expect a great deal of ourselves, and so should you.
  • Having Fun. There is no glamour in selling toilet stalls. We do not go to award shows, cocktail parties or get autograph requests. We are firm believers that you should enjoy coming to work each day and if you don't, move on. We make an effort for Inter-Co to be a fun, enjoyable place to work and visit. It is our belief that if we are having fun it will extend to the way we deal with you.
  • Hardwork.  We arrive for work on time. It may sound trite, but we believe it matters. Get to work on time; work hard to add value while you are here; go home and drink beer. If you have one of these new gluten allergies, drink wine. When you are dealing with us, you should expect that we are returning your phone calls, getting you the information you need quickly and accurately, and paying attention to what you need, no matter how busy we may be. Don't let us off the hook.
  • Being Leaders. We have led the way in projects large and small; we have led the way in online information and purchasing for our customers; we have led the way in providing competitive prices for our customers; we have led the way in bringing a professional level of service to a niche industry; we have led the way in expanding into retail. We continue to lead and we do this to add value for our customers, and our business.
  • Happiness. We don't want our customers "satisfied", it's simply too low of a threshold. We want them happy. We want your dealing with our company to leave you happy with how it went. Happy about your price and happy about your service.

The President & C.E.O. of our company is Jim Weber. Call Jim if you want to talk about Inter-Co.

The Vice-President - Project Management/Operations of our company is Paul Piersanti. Call Paul if you want to talk about how your project went.

The Vice-President - Sales & Estimating of our company is Jeff Schmidt. Call Jeff if you want to talk about an upcoming job, your price or anything else that would cause you to deal, or not deal, with Inter-Co.